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As a music producer, I’ve had the great pleasure of being a part of many album releases. It’s always so exciting sending new songs out into the world and seeing how the general base of music listeners react to it. However, on the business side I’ve learned that this excitement can quickly fade if a record is a flop. I want to save you from that frustration and it’s better to plan ahead than to try and play doctor with an album that’s already been released. So here are 7 steps you need to take before your next album release!

#1: Get Organized

How deep have you really dived into FL Studio’s mixer? Let me show you some of my top tricks to make the most of one of the most powerful mixer environments out there! Before we start, if you are interested in learning more about music production in general, be sure to check out my daily podcast !

1. Shift + Ctrl + L

This is one of the most powerful shortcuts in all of FL Studio. When moved to FL Studio after years as an Ableton user, one of the most hardest things to manage was keeping the channel rack, mixer, and patterns organized. …

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I’ve been producing music for 12 years. Soon, I will be able to say 13 years. Here’s the thing though… I just started making money in 2020. That’s a lot of paying it forward and it’s part of why the music industry has a bad reputation as an extremely hard field in which to gain traction. …

I remember working as young as 13 (shhh!) installing floors, painting walls, and doing other manual labor jobs.

Even since that young of an age, I knew that I wanted to have a career in music. I wanted to make money making hit songs that everybody loves. So, any step I could afford to take toward that goal I did.

What I really wanted was the financial freedom to spend my days doing what I love… making music. I wanted to be able to make my own hours fueling my creativity instead of fueling some other job.

Unfortunately, there always…

Would you believe it if I told you that attitude has played a bigger role in deciding my income as a music producer than anything else in my career? It’s not manifestation, it’s not affirmation, it’s not any particular sales pitch. It’s all about attitude.

I used to always think that my skillset meant that I was owed something. I’d spent thousands of hours honing my craft and assumed that meant I was owed clientele. …

It doesn’t take an accountant to tell you that making music is expensive. There are countless people and businesses asking for money from budding musicians around every corner. Gear manufacturers, producers, studios, marketers, random Instagram models with a couple thousand followers who think they’re marketers, you name it!

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I understand this myself. To be entirely honest, I’ve lost count of how much money I’ve spent over the years on my music. …

Listen, almost no music producer gets into the game with the intention of doing paperwork and tracking receipts. Also, almost no music producer is stable financially. This core skill has perhaps contributed to my career growth more than even my ability to make music happen. Before I started accounting for my business, I experienced roadblock after roadblock. This changed it!

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You Need Leverage

If you’re a music producer you need to be able to invest in your craft… That much is a given. I’ve always done my best to do this, but over more than a decade of music production I’ve noticed that…

The journey to become a professional music producer is not easy. In fact, I’d say nobody should pursue that path unless they feel deep down that there is no other choice but to become a music producer.

However, the payoff is truly incredible. Every time someone pays me to do something that essentially feels like playing a video game it’s really a euphoric feeling! But along the way, there was a ton of struggle. It could destroy a lot of people. It nearly killed me. The only way to survive is with passion.

It’s a funny thing how I became…

There are many pitfalls that can stop musicians from making money. But, it is actually surprisingly easy to build passive income streams if you have the right guidance. Let me show you how!

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Treat Music Like a Business

It’s time to start treating your music like a business, because it is a business! There are two common pitfalls that musicians fall into that keeps them from creating profit from their BUSINESS. First, it is easy to neglect the need for financial planning which often results in a lack of awareness about where your money may be going. Second, many musicians fail to develop multiple streams…

Today, the easiest way for musicians to distribute their art is through large streaming services such as Spotify and Apple Music. Some aim to do this professionally, hoping to one day make it big. Some do it as a hobby or side hustle, yet only a choice few bring in any more than a couple dollars each month.

This is a good month’s earnings for many artists on Spotify. Photo by on .

Seeing such incredible effort rewarded so pitifully can be a real letdown. Even as the services grow, they continue to report massive losses each year. …

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The music industry Elon Musk.

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