The one secret that’s gotten me more business than anything else as a music producer…

Would you believe it if I told you that attitude has played a bigger role in deciding my income as a music producer than anything else in my career? It’s not manifestation, it’s not affirmation, it’s not any particular sales pitch. It’s all about attitude.

I used to always think that my skillset meant that I was owed something. I’d spent thousands of hours honing my craft and assumed that meant I was owed clientele. I knew what I was doing when it came to the technical side of my job, but I was failing miserably when it came to the business side.

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All I wanted was the ability to get paid for my skillset which I’d spent so much time developing. I wanted to live the lifestyle of a successful music producer and I knew I had the talent and work ethic to make it happen. Still, on an even deeper level, what I really wanted was to express myself creatively and develop great working relationships with artists.

Eventually, my bad business attitude left me burnt out with artists I’d already produced for not wanting to work with me anymore. Even worse, I failed miserably trying to sell my services coming off as money hungry. Ultimately, I was more focused on myself than on the people I was supposed to be servicing as a music producer.

After multiple failed business ventures, going broke, being blacklisted from every bank I tried applying to, and losing nearly every friend I had, I was forced to do some deep self reflection and personal development. It took 2 years to get back on my feet but it came with a powerful epiphany: I always need to pay it forward.

Once I had that realization, things began to change. I stopped begging clients to come to me and started learning how I could serve others in the industry. I started accounting for every move and stopped blowing through money when it came in. Anything I could do to add value to others in this industry I would.

The results of these changes came much quicker than I could have possibly imagined. Less than a year after re-entering the music production world, my social media was growing like never before. I started getting placements on real records for the first time in years. My financial situation started improving dramatically and I was even getting approved for bank accounts.

Even more amazing was the internal transformation! I found that what I was doing was actually benefiting people. I became much more receptive to learning my skills and my skillset actually started growing dramatically even after 12 years of experience. One of the most fulfilling things to happen was the development of Producer Cast. This podcast has given me a great outlet to pay it forward by sharing the knowledge I’ve learned over years to help others grow faster and skip some of the makes I made along the way to getting where I am today. To me that is more valuable than almost anything else I do as a music producer…

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